Monday, March 29, 2010

Well it's been awhile!

We have had a lot going on as a family and as you will see from some of the pictures posted, that I especially have been busy.  I will be getting back to regular blogging.  I miss it and I will also be doing a few different things on here not just crafty.

1.  As you see in this picture we got a little more snow in February.

2.  I decided that I needed to have a female Boston Terrier.  So off we went to pick one out and came home with Izzy.  In this picture she is only 6 weeks old and I had to train her to go outside in the snow.  Not good planning on my part.  She is a bundle of fun and makes me smile and has tons of kisses to give.  She is now 12 weeks old and I will be posting a new picture soon.

3.  I had to let this big guy Riley who is 6, know that she is not to be eaten and will one day be a  playmate.  He is a good boy but a mommas boy and follows me everywhere.

4.  My days are spent looking into the beautiful eyes of this baby girl I babysit everyday.  She turned 6 months old today and has been sick so it has been rough around here.  I will be turning 43 next month and with 3 kids of my own that will soon be 21, 16 and 10 this takes a lot out of me.  I enjoy her but like giving her back to her mom.

That is it for tonight.  I have to work on a Red Fox wanted poster for my daughter in third grade and I need to eat, so goodbye for now and will be back soon.