Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy 2011-

I have been MIA from here since the beginning of December. I ended up doing my Reverb Writing in my journal and ir was a great expeience.

This year I have not picked One Little Word but Two, and they are Growth and Strength. I want to grow in several areas of my life and one is just in my crafting. I had several people over the Holidays ask me if I would start selling my quilts and papercraft goodies and I am hoping I can get that done this year. That is where strength comes into play. Wven though I stay home during the day I have RA so my stamina is in short bursts, so that is where I will need the strength to grow!

I have entered several Swaps that I am very excited about and you can click on the link on my sidebar to see if you want to join in. I am doing these so that I will Create Everyday! I find that if I do something everyday I feel better and more productive. That is fitting it in between loads of laundry, doing dishes and sweeping and vacuuming which are daily tasks.

I am going to make 2011 a Great Year.