Sunday, August 28, 2011

We Survived!

Wanted to stop in and say that here in Virginia Beach we survived the Earthquake and Hurricane Irene.  What a crazy week it has been.  Tuesday it all started with the Earthquake, my hubby was at work on Dam Neck Naval base and he said that his chair started to vibrate and then things started to rattle around on his desk.  I was driving in the car and didn't feel it at all.

Yesterday, we all were here at home weathering the Hurricane.  We lost our Direct TV a few times but we kept power so that was wonderful.  Our court flooded but all our trees and the house held up great.  Today we had clean up of branches and we put all our deck furniture back out again.

On the crafting front, I am participating in another Petite Box Swap with the Specked Egg.  I will be getting those boxes together in the next week or so.  I am also trying to organize my craft area and I will have some before and after photos soon.

Happy Sunday,


Monday, August 8, 2011

What a Summer so far-

I have been staying busy with Megan and going to the water park in our area.  I think I have the best tan I have ever had and that's with putting 30 SPF on.  It has been so hot here in Virginia that you are forced to either stay inside or be in the water.  We have had a few Thunder Storms but no steady rain so everything is dry and dead.

I have been keeping occupied by doing a few projects.  Back in March I participated in a Configuration Box Swap in the All Things Tim Yahoo Group.  I was sent 16 of the same size box, that I decorated in a sewing theme and sent back.  Then I was sent the full box back decorated with all 14 boxes in place and ready to finish.  I sat down last week and finished it and here it is-

I love the way it turned out.

I also participated in the Birdsong Tag Book Swap with Karla's Cottage. I sent 7 tags and received 7 tags back.  This is the tag I sent.

This is what I received back.  Karla made the cover and put all 135 books together and mailed them back to us.  They are more beautiful in person.

The last thing I have completed is a Way of Life Spinner kit I ordered from Paula and Deb at One Lucky Day

I also added the ATC's that I make every month from Donna Downey

So all this and kids have kept me busy so far this Summer.  We still have till the day after Labor Day when the kids start back to school, to enjoy the rest of the Summer.  One weekend this month will take us to Northern Virginia for my brother and sister-in-law's 25th Anniversary and Vow Renewal, so it will be good to see family.

I hope all fo you have a great rest of your Summer and Enjoy-


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick Hello,

I know it's been forever. I will be back tomorrow with pictures and an update on my status.

Happy Saturday-

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day & The start of Summer Vacation-

Today I say Happy Father's Day to this wonderful man in my life for the last 22 years. He was able to go and play golf this morning, but we were rained out at the pool.  Tonight I am fixing Flank Steak, Fingerling Potatoes and Grilled Brussell Sprouts (will have green beansalso in case he doesn't like them) tonight for dinner and then watch Battle LA after our son gets off work (He got it for him)

I called my Dad this morning to wish him a Happy Father's Day, he was relaxing because it was raining so he couldn't go out and putter in the yard.  He was also admiring his new mackdaddy grill my mom bought him.  It took two people to get it up onto the deck.  Bob called his Dad and made the wishes there.  His Brother and family are coming tomorrow for a week so that will be fun. 

In other exciting news Friday was the last day of school here in Va. Beach, so my summer work begins with all the places Megan will want to go.

I am off to tend to dinner, I will be back tomorrow with pictures of a swap I participated at on Amy Powers blog.

Have a great rest of your Sunday,


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well it is definitly Summer here in Va. Beach. Last week we had 90-100 degree days and the humidity was aweful. We went to the neighborhood pool both Saturday and Sunday, but you definitly had to stay in the water.

Here are a few things i have done that I have not posted:

I participated in the Petite Inspiration Box Swap Spring Edition with The Speckled Egg. These are the boxes that I made for my partners Kathy and Michele.

These are the boxes that I recieved. This one is from Kathy.

This box I recieved from Michelle.

Then I was in a private swap with Ann. I sent her a box of fabrics and goodies and she sent me this Pinkeep that she makes. I had sent one to my mother for Mother's Day and now I have one too.

I love how she printed out the two classes I was taking from my blog and also added a little Boston Terrier to her also. If you want one contact me and I will get her your information. She doesn't have a blog or Etsy.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Sunday!

I just wanted to pop in and say that I am so excited for this workshop to start tomorrow.

I have already taken this workshop and it was amazing.

You can find all of the information here on Christy Thomlinson's blog. She is a great lady.

I will post more in the next week, I am working on a yellow brick road quilt using "French General Fabric" by Moda. It is beautiful fabric and I will have some pictures to show next time along with past and current swap information and pictures.


Friday, May 20, 2011

A quick Post today....

I have been busy taking care of some health issues and family stuff. I will pop back in this weekend to update you on the swaps I recently participated in and what is going on around here at the beach.

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend. Here is one photo to leave you with.

Boy do I love this little girl (though she is getting bigger everyday, she is a joy to have around) I love Izzy too, she is an awesome dog if we could keep her out of the cat box. Ugh!

Till later,


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been-

Well let me first start with my new wood floors. We love them. I did not like that after we had them installed it rained for a week so I was mopping up dirty dog prints. I found that if I don't fret over them too much and let them dry then the dirt I could sweep up. With also putting in new carpet in the den and upper landing and stairs, the swiffer vac has become my new best friend. I just put a swiffer cloth on and vacuum up all of the dust bunnies, dog hair and carpet fuzz that seems to multiply rapidly if I don't do it everyday. i am finding that I enjoy keeping the floors clean now. (Who Knew!!!) Here are some pics.

Sorry for the 3/4 picture of Riley in the middle shot. So what do you think, pretty right.

Ok, I just have to say, what is up with blogger and posting pictures? Having a little difficulty tonight and I this is taking 3 times longer than necessary. So with all of this going on I had to get some swaps done and that was chaellenging. This months swap theme at Blissful ATC Swaps was Steampunk. I love the Steampunk theme and my partner was DeeDee and you can find her at Here ATC was awesome and it was her first time creating with this theme and she rocked it. Here are pictures of her ATC and then the one I sent to her. With mine I used glimmer mist with the Tim masks on the bottom them some G45 images and a few gears.

Next for the All Things Tim yahoo group, I entered a Configuration box swap. I was sent sixteen boxes that were all the same size. I had to decorate them with Tim products and whatever else I could fine. This was a challenge due to the tiny size of the box, but this is what I sent off. I will soon receive back a large configuration box finished by 14 other people I can't wait.
This picture is terrible, but I hope you get the jist.

I will leave you with one other picture from here at the house. We are seeing Spring/Summer weather now and this is just right out our garage door in the back yard last week. The mom and birds as of today have left the nest.

I will be back soon with more projects around the house, things I am selling at my first craft fair and my Spring Petite Box Swap that I am doing with two wonderful people I was paired up with from I am loving this swap and will hopefully participate more.

Good Evening and Sorry for the long post.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Sunday-

I have been away for awhile. We had hardwood floors put in the house along with new carpet on the stairs, landing and in the den, so I have had to pack up all my craft supplies to get this done. I miss them. I am taking this great workshop by Christy Tomlinson and I love it. I have covered my canvases in book print and paint but with other craft supplies out of reach that is as far as I have been able to go.

I recommend this workshop. She packs it full of so much it is so worth more than the money she is charging. Use the link below to check it out and enter a giveaway.

I will be back in the next few days with pictures of my floors and My Blissful ATC for this month.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who Knew?

Today I was finally able to mail out my Mug Mat to Chris. I hope she enjoys it. I added a few extras for her also.

I went on the Fairy Generator and this is what it told me, Who knew? Also try the Witch and Warlock Generator. That is a hoot!

My fairy is Meadow Elffrost
She is cheerful and friendly.
She lives in fields where wild flowers and poppies grow.
She is only seen during the first snow of winter.
She wears a skirt made of red petals and has transparent green wings like a cicada.
Get your own fairy name from the Fairy Name Generator!

Last but not least these came with my daughter when she moved home.

This is Simba and Shoruyken. He is the Orange tabby and he is alomost 2. The Gray tabby is Shoruyken and she is 7 months and so sweet.

They joined our two dogs:

Riley and Izzy. Riley is a Boxer, is almost 7 and weighs 85lbs. Izzy is a Boston and she is 1 year old and has picked up the nasty habit of Kitty Litter diving. Anyone have any solutions it is just gross!

That is our youngest daughter Megan in the photo above with Izzy. I am going to leave you now I have to help Courtney finish up a baby quilt and get it to the quilt stor for quilting.
Have a Great Wednesday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Swaps, Swaps and more Swaps! & Happy Valentine's Day-

With everything going on in my life these past few weeks I have also participated in 4 Paper Swaps and one Mug Mat Swap. Why did I do this I ask myself? Because it is the only way I will sit and Create.

First up is and ATC about "Love" that I sent to Patti in Oregon for the Blissful ATC Swap. Loved this swap and will be playing again next month.

This next ATC Swap was the Green Fairy Swap on Swap-bot. I sent this one to Italy.

The last two were Valentine Card Swaps with Altered Art Junkies ( second picture) where I sent cards to 9 different people and Swap Bot Ultimate Faves where I sent to 3 different people (first pic). I am still having photo posting problems.


Tomorrow I will post my Mug Mat Swap pictures and the new additions to our family since my daughter moved back home.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where do I start?

I have to tell you the end of January and these first two weeks of February have been trying. First our oldest daughter who is 21 ended up having to move back home due to a roommate that was stupid and got evicted. We received this news the last weekend in January. My DH and I were upset but we were glad she was coming home for a few months. Then she finds out that she is going to owe thousands of dollars to the apartment complex even though she was not the one to get evicted. The same day she finds this out she runs into the back of someone and totaled her car! So now the few months has turned in to more than a year!

With her moving home my DH and I had to move out of her old room which had been turned into an office and my craft studio. We are now in the Living room!

Luckily, the insurance paid off her loan and we got her and I (since she is living at home) a new to us car.

I have been able to get a few projects done. I finally got the binding on both of these after a year and a half.

I also thought that I would post a few photos of an event that Courtney and I went to on January 15th. I finally got the photos off my camera. We had Cocktails with David Tutera from My Fair Wedding on WE.

That man is just too good looking. He was very nice and stopped for pictures with anyone who asked. The book signing line was two hours long because he took the time to speak to everyone and even got on the phone to talk to someone when asked. If you have not seen his show tune in on Sunday nights on the WE network. Great show!
I am off of here today I am getting very frustrated with blogger and how they are posting my pictures, I am having to edit the html after every upload. Ugh! I will be back tomorrow to post my Blissful ATC Swap and my Swapbot Swaps.
Good Day to everyone.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy 2011-

I have been MIA from here since the beginning of December. I ended up doing my Reverb Writing in my journal and ir was a great expeience.

This year I have not picked One Little Word but Two, and they are Growth and Strength. I want to grow in several areas of my life and one is just in my crafting. I had several people over the Holidays ask me if I would start selling my quilts and papercraft goodies and I am hoping I can get that done this year. That is where strength comes into play. Wven though I stay home during the day I have RA so my stamina is in short bursts, so that is where I will need the strength to grow!

I have entered several Swaps that I am very excited about and you can click on the link on my sidebar to see if you want to join in. I am doing these so that I will Create Everyday! I find that if I do something everyday I feel better and more productive. That is fitting it in between loads of laundry, doing dishes and sweeping and vacuuming which are daily tasks.

I am going to make 2011 a Great Year.