Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been-

Well let me first start with my new wood floors. We love them. I did not like that after we had them installed it rained for a week so I was mopping up dirty dog prints. I found that if I don't fret over them too much and let them dry then the dirt I could sweep up. With also putting in new carpet in the den and upper landing and stairs, the swiffer vac has become my new best friend. I just put a swiffer cloth on and vacuum up all of the dust bunnies, dog hair and carpet fuzz that seems to multiply rapidly if I don't do it everyday. i am finding that I enjoy keeping the floors clean now. (Who Knew!!!) Here are some pics.

Sorry for the 3/4 picture of Riley in the middle shot. So what do you think, pretty right.

Ok, I just have to say, what is up with blogger and posting pictures? Having a little difficulty tonight and I this is taking 3 times longer than necessary. So with all of this going on I had to get some swaps done and that was chaellenging. This months swap theme at Blissful ATC Swaps was Steampunk. I love the Steampunk theme and my partner was DeeDee and you can find her at http://deedeescraftspot.blogspot.com/.com/. Here ATC was awesome and it was her first time creating with this theme and she rocked it. Here are pictures of her ATC and then the one I sent to her. With mine I used glimmer mist with the Tim masks on the bottom them some G45 images and a few gears.

Next for the All Things Tim yahoo group, I entered a Configuration box swap. I was sent sixteen boxes that were all the same size. I had to decorate them with Tim products and whatever else I could fine. This was a challenge due to the tiny size of the box, but this is what I sent off. I will soon receive back a large configuration box finished by 14 other people I can't wait.
This picture is terrible, but I hope you get the jist.

I will leave you with one other picture from here at the house. We are seeing Spring/Summer weather now and this is just right out our garage door in the back yard last week. The mom and birds as of today have left the nest.

I will be back soon with more projects around the house, things I am selling at my first craft fair and my Spring Petite Box Swap that I am doing with two wonderful people I was paired up with from http://speckled-egg.blogspot.com/. I am loving this swap and will hopefully participate more.

Good Evening and Sorry for the long post.


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