Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life-

This week I participated in Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" series.  It is to capture and document the everyday of our lives.  Not the extrodinary but just the ordinary.  Here are a few of my photos of my week:

Monday:  Stripped bed and made bed back up.
Cleaned hall bathroom:  20 & 16 yr. old share this one.  Can you say yuck!!!

Had to go and buy clothes for Bob's golf trip to Myrtle Beach and I have a clean kitchen.  For some reason I was in the mood to clean today.

Tuesday: recieved napkins from Maeghan.  I participated in a Napkin Swap at Stiching under oaks.

Michael got stiches over the weekend. (A boy I watch after school)

Tuesday night dinner:  Tropical Smoothie for me and Megan and Hardee's for Justin.

Wednesday:  Worked on getting Project Life up to date

Megan got a haircut.  So did I but didn't get a picture of that.
Thursday:  Allergies are taking there toll on Megan, so we broke out the OTC.

The isle at Harris Teeter.


 Trays that I brought home.

 Friday:  I saw this on the back of a car at my daughters   school.  Loved it.

Riley lays anywhere I am untill it's time for bed.

This is my bed Friday night as I am getting ready for bed.  Riley gets Bob's spot.  He usually is on the floor.  I have my reading and phone if I need it.
Saturday AM:  Feeding the dogs.  One of there favorite times of day.
Courtney moving out today.  She found a place to rent with friends so off she goes again.  We will miss seeing her everyday.
  Ran errands & picked up meds.

Saturday night dinner and movie night.  Watching 2012 with the kids.
Sunday:  Reading Ali Edwards blog posts. Listened to the Roundtable by Paperclipping.  Cleaned up craft room and last but not least.
LAUNDRY!- I stripped all the beds and washed all bedding and pillows.  I also this weekend cleaned, sweeped, vacuumed and steam cleaned Megans room.  I am tired and going to bed.

I have enjoyed the process of taking pictures of everything.  I hope some of you participate next time around.  Now I have to print the pictures, gather the reciepts and journaling and put it all together in my Album.

Hope all of you enjoyed your week.


Green Acres in the City said...

What a busy week! Very cute blog! I see you do daycare too! I watch 1 little 5 mos old, all I can handle right now with my Cameron, 6 and Henry, 15 mos.

stitching under oaks said...

love seeing all the nitty gritty details of your week. so glad you enjoyed the napkin swap! i love how your project life pages are looking. i've been working on mine trying to get caught up with my journaling. that's the one part that really trips me up! do you have a plan for that? i realize I'm a month behind...but have a great weekend welcoming summer!