Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week in Review-

I had a good week this week.  Monday started a little rough with watching the daycare kids, but the week got better and by Friday at 4pm when everyone was picked up (early too) I was having a good week.

I cooked dinner 3 out of the 5 nights and my DH cooked breakfast for dinner one night.  That left only 1 night this week as an anything night (kids love that).  Yesterday was my birthday so we had steak & cheese subs, which were wonderful because I didn't make them and we sat on the deck to eat them as a family.

My Birthday yesterday was wonderful and relaxing.  My cards were great and the best came from Megan with 5- Day off passes, which my husband knew nothing about.  We decided with our tight budget right now that cards were my gift, which to me means more since I know they stood in the card isle and read different cards to find the perfect one, which shows more love for me than any gift could.  Do any of you feel that way?

I have been following Becky Higgins blog here.  She is at the moment trying to find a dish towel that actually soaks up the water when drying dishes.

I found a new blog tonight which I am going to start following called Home Sanctuary.  She has a great blog so check it out.  We also got good news from our daughter (some may say good news!) but she is moving out next weekend.  She had to move back home at Thanksgiving because the friend she was living with up and moved out.  So Courtney got another lady to rent it and the landlord let her out of the lease.  So she has been home since, sharing a room with her 9 year old sister and it is getting old.  So her and 3 friends found an apartment about 5 miles from the beach which is where she works and the beach mentality kicks in (that if you work at the beach you can only live so far from the beach).  Who knew!  I am very happy for her and the garage will be a garage instead of a storage shed.

So enough of my ramblings.  I am going to leave you with a beautiful picture of wonderful Spring flowers and go help my hubby make dinner.

See you later and have a great week.

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