Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Life- Week's 9 & 10

Well I am finally back with 2 weeks worth of Project Life. I have gotten behind due to being sick and installing new flooring in Megan's room.

Week 9 Highlights: 

Justin got a haircut after 9 months without one, Courtney is enjoying dating again, Leap Day, Check-in for OLW and MMEW, Megan received a Thank you note in the mail and while picking up a birthday gift for a friend, she got a Moshi Monsters trial membership. 

Full page spread:

This week I used my new Cobalt Core Edition. I like the colors, but prefer the Clementine Edition.

Left Side:

Right Side:

For Leap Day I got information about it off the internet and copy and pasted into Word, then printed it off and adhered it to a piece of patterned paper.

Week 10 Highlights: 

I started reading the Hunger Games so that I would have read them all by the time the movie came out. (I love my Nook for this), Megan riding outside for the first time, Izzy and Riley enjoying the sun for the first time in awhile, a collage from us installing new flooring and Daylight savings. I also scanned my grocery list with the amount spent on it and reduced it for one of the pockets. It will be great to look back on in the upcoming years. 

The Full Spread:

The left side:

The right side:

These last two pictures show you where I am with week's 11 & 12. I will finish these up hopefully this week to post next week. I may not get both done since I am cleaning for my parents arrival on Friday, and I have to spread my cleaning over several day now due to my arthritis and allergies. Gone are the days of power cleaning like I used to do the night before my husband would come home from deployment. I take it one step at a time.

One last thing. I wanted to post these two pictures because Megan preformed for All City Chorus on Saturday at out Art's Center here in town. They were great and she looked so cute. Where  we live there are over 100 Elementary Schools in the city so they had to split the schools into two different days of performing, but Friday and Saturday were all the different grades from 5th to 8th grade Chorus and Stings playing at various times. It was a great experience for all of them.

Thankfully the weather was great in the morning and then the storms and rain came in the afternoon and for the rest of the weekend.

You will find the link to products below. Any questions please leave in the comments and I will reply to you.

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April said...

great pages...I don't think you could get different than the colbat and clementine kits :) I like the clemintine is a bit softer...

the last photo is adorable!


Katie's Nesting Spot said...

It was interesting to read your comment on the cobalt kit. I initially thought I'd like that one best, but from browsing everyone's pages I think Clementine is the one I'm going to order so I have some extra things to throw into the pages. Love the picture of your musican.

kristina proffitt said...

Such wonderful pages, Becky! :)