Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where do I start?

I have to tell you the end of January and these first two weeks of February have been trying. First our oldest daughter who is 21 ended up having to move back home due to a roommate that was stupid and got evicted. We received this news the last weekend in January. My DH and I were upset but we were glad she was coming home for a few months. Then she finds out that she is going to owe thousands of dollars to the apartment complex even though she was not the one to get evicted. The same day she finds this out she runs into the back of someone and totaled her car! So now the few months has turned in to more than a year!

With her moving home my DH and I had to move out of her old room which had been turned into an office and my craft studio. We are now in the Living room!

Luckily, the insurance paid off her loan and we got her and I (since she is living at home) a new to us car.

I have been able to get a few projects done. I finally got the binding on both of these after a year and a half.

I also thought that I would post a few photos of an event that Courtney and I went to on January 15th. I finally got the photos off my camera. We had Cocktails with David Tutera from My Fair Wedding on WE.

That man is just too good looking. He was very nice and stopped for pictures with anyone who asked. The book signing line was two hours long because he took the time to speak to everyone and even got on the phone to talk to someone when asked. If you have not seen his show tune in on Sunday nights on the WE network. Great show!
I am off of here today I am getting very frustrated with blogger and how they are posting my pictures, I am having to edit the html after every upload. Ugh! I will be back tomorrow to post my Blissful ATC Swap and my Swapbot Swaps.
Good Day to everyone.


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Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Becky:
Just stopping around the blogs for all the mug mat swappers to try to get peeks at their work. Oh, Gosh! I find that your world is topsy turvy these days. Glad to hear your daughter is alright after the accident. And, you got to meet David Tutera! Lucky girl!!! I watch his shows and really enjoy his creativity (and tact!) ;-)
Hope you'll be able to do your swap, if you haven't yet. If you didn't get your partner information from me, please let me know and I'll resend it. Also, we have an album on Flickr to posting the completed mats. I'm glad I stopped by for the latest news.
Happy Valentine's Day!